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Abduction Prevention For Executives

General Objective:

Raise awareness among officials about the various forms in which abduction occurs: the behavior of the victims and how to react in various situations to minimize the impact, the consequences and other risks.




1.  Profile of the victim of abduction

a) Who can be abducted

b) Relation between abduction and bank robberies

c) Factors that influence being a victim

2) The objectives of abduction

a) The real scope of the abduction

3) Stages of abduction

a) Information on the victim

b) Planning

c) Monitoring and “choke points”

d) How an abductor acts

e) Indications of an abduction

4)  Phases of an abduction upon becoming a victim

a) Capture

b) Planning

c) Captivity

d) Rescue

e) Practical advice in case of being abducted

5)  Personal or Family Security Plan (Content and points of development)

a) The work environment

b) The personal environment

c) The family environment

6)  Security measures of travel

a) Points of highest risk

b) Verifying of monitoring

c) Measures in case of monitoring

d) Measures in case of monitoring

e) Forms and techniques of escape in case of road block

7) Application forms

a) Description of people

b) Control of abduction calls