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Bank Robbery Risk Management Level II

Robberies create uneasiness and fear in employees and customers who are in the financial institution at the time of the robbery.  It can even have a negative effect on customers who hear of the event later on through the media. Unfortunately, a robbery event can also result in personal injury, and in more remote cases, death. All of this should make robbery prevention a top priority for every financial institution. Frequent training that is meaningful and taught by professionals will help to mitigate the effects of a robbery and enhance everyone’s safety.


Seminar:  Crisis Management in Bank Robbery Level II

Practical Exercises

General Objective:

Through the practical exercises and closed theaters to be carried out during the course, the general objective achieved will be of raising awareness of the officials about the various forms in which a bank robbery may occur.

The behavior of the victims, the assailants and how to react in diverse risky situations to minimize the impact of the crisis, using the procedures established in the first course of bank robbery level I.  The technique of the dynamic and practical courses allows the participants to be aware of the correct way to apply the procedures for their own security, a method widely used in the training programs in European banks.


1.  Video Presentation

– Preventative measures before, during and after the robbery

2.  Management of the Crime Scene

– Protection of the evidence

– Application forms for clients and officials and description of assailants

– Coordination with bank security and police

3. Practice on Crisis Management

A) Stage 1

– 2 practices of description of people without weapons

– 1 practice of description of people with weapons and covered faces

– Application of the forms on description of assailants by the participants

B) Stage 2

– Analysis of the management and compliance with the procedures

– Selection of participants

– Explanation of the exercise

– 1 theater practice

– Evaluation of the exercise

– Report of the exercise

C) Stage 3

– Observations on the operation of the security equipment used in the closed theater (subject to the selected branch of the bank)