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Combat Shooting Basic

The Combat Shooting Course is a typical special advanced training that was developed for special forces of the police and army.  In Europe, this type of training is widely used in the training of urban security.



Through these exercises the student learns:

1.  Five basic elements of a shot

2.  Technique of drawing weapon

3.  Shots against various silhouettes

4.  Shots with limited time

5.  Technique of rapid shooting

6.  Basic technique of covering

7.  Basic technique of displacement

8.  Tactical scenarios with basic difficulties

The simulated scenarios are based on real life events during the special operations of the police or military in which some of the officials have been killed.  The scenarios are developed so that the participants are required to go through the same circumstances and make the same mistakes.  The aim of the training, as advanced as the Combat Shooting, is that the participant can learn to control high risk situations and not provoke more risk for the people who are not involved and that might appear in the area of conflict or crisis.




1.  Basic theory of firearms

2.  Security measures: General and at the Polígono

3.  Five steps of a shot

4.  Shooting technique with a pistol at short and medium distances

5.  Concealment and displacement tactics using shelter areas during confrontations

6.  Technique on drawing weapon and first defensive shot

7.  Speed shooting technique against various objects

8. Eight tactical scenarios using stationary and moving targets

9.  Cleaning and maintenance of firearms

Total duration of module:  6 hours

Amount of ammunition: 100

8 shooting scenarios will be used, 6 metal targets, 6 special figure targets.