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Combat Shooting Level II

Contact with weapon fire at Short and Medium Distances





Course Content:

1. Principles of the circles of personal protection

2. Shots at high speed with magazine change

3.  Solving pigeonholing with limited time

4.  Tactical scenarios with elements of evaluation of target

5.  Tactical scenarios with vertical and horizontal displacement

6.  Tactical shots with limited light

7.  Duel





Module 3: Combat Shooting

1. Principles of the circles of personal protection

2.  All elements of weapon handling

3.  All the forms and methods of covering under psychological pressure

3.  The methods of transfer and the use of areas of shelter or protection (evaluation of shelter positions)

4.  One handed shooting technique (strong side)

5.  Visual evaluation of the objective

6.  The tactic and control of a situation under gunfire

7.  The methods of checking of rooms, hallways and staircases, or vehicles

8.  The methods of navigation under limited light

9.  Methods of stress control

10.  Coordination and protection working as a partners


Duration of module:  6 hours

Amount of ammunition: 150