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Combat Shooting Level III

Combat Shooting At Professional Level





Course Content:

1.  Transfers with obstacles

2.  Covering in open spaces

3. The methods of transfer and the use of areas of shelter or protection (evaluation of shelter positions)

4.  Tactic and control of a confrontation with weapon fire

5.  The methods of checking of rooms, hallways and staircases, or vehicles

6.  The methods of crossing a corridor or a limited space

7.  Shots with one hand (Both strong and weak sides)

8.  Use of focus

9.  Scenarios with limited light and use of focus



Module 4: Advanced course for special events

1.  Circles of Protection

2.  Shooting techniques while moving

3.  Shooting techniques from a vehicle

4.  One handed shooting techniques (weak side)

5. Coverage techniques in a shoot-out confrontation with one hand

6. Speed fire techniques against 3 or more targets with one hand (Both weak and strong sides)

7. Low light drills

8. Defense against a surprise attack

9. First aid for a self application and third parties

10. Obstacle shooting in short, medium and long distances (28 targets)


Duration of module: 7 hours

Ammunition: 200