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Grupo Europeo Expertos en Seguridad – European Group of Security Experts

The European Group of Security Experts (G.E.E.S.) has prepared different complementary services to contribute to the security of organizations and banking institutions, citing as examples the Digital Security Systems, Seminars, Courses, Talks, Conferences, Organization and Planning of Security Systems for Companies or Families, Audits and Analysis of Security Systems, Business or Commercial Intelligence, Protection of Dignitaries (VIP), Custody of Valuables, among other activities and programs that can be developed according to your needs and requirements.

We offer our clients a series of Courses on the Handling of Firearms and Bladed Weapons, Professional Courses on the Protection of Dignitaries, Courses on Abduction Prevention for Business People, and Body Language Courses.

G.E.E.S. opens new horizons in the world of Digital Security.  We now offer new forms of protection.  The digital market opens even more doors for us to offer you a better service and a wide array of products.

Feel free to contact us about your specific needs.

G.E.E.S. Security Services

Risk Management and Security Internal Audit, Detection of Bugging Devices and CCTV Surveillance Security Solutions.

Armed Bank Robbery Crisis Management

Bank Robbery Risk Management Levels I and Levels II.
The question is no longer if or when an organization will experience a crisis, but rather in what form and how prepared it is when a crisis actually occurs.

Document & Check Fraud Prevention Training

Check, ID, Card & Document Fraud Prevention training designed to help participants identify fraudulent documents and improve their awareness of identity fraud.

Gun Safety & Pistol Training

Starting with Combat Shooting Basics, Level I, II, II, these courses were developed for special forces of the police and army and serve the beginner through to the advanced student.

Combat Knife Fighting For Self Defense

In this knife combat training course you will learn how to use a knife to its maximum potential with less-than-lethal and lethal results.

Anti Abduction Training Courses

Abduction Prevention For Executives and VIP / Dignitary Protection Training Course.