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So you think you can fake your own death?

Are you ready to fake your own death? both as a concept and as an act people attempt with surprising frequency — first occurred to me over dinner with a friend at a cheap Vietnamese restaurant. I had just enrolled in a graduate program, and had taken out a brand new... read more

What is flakka?

What is Flakka? Authorities have speculated the drug “flakka” could be connected to the gruesome case of a Florida couple who were fatally stabbed Monday before the 19-year-old suspect allegedly tried to eat one of their faces. Austin Harrouff, a Florida... read more

6 Arrests Made In The Killing Of Gerardo Cruz

The OIJ have arrested 6 people in connection to the murder of Gerardo Cruz, stabbed just days after his social media shaming of a video voyeur on the streets of San Jose. Two of the suspects arrested were mother and daughter. OIJ Director Walter Espinoza said that... read more

Online Extortion Demand Affecting UK Businesses

The “City Of London Police” and “National Fraud Intelligence Bureau” have released the following urgent alert (April 2016): ONLINE EXTORTION DEMAND AFFECTING UK BUSINESSES The information contained within this alert is based on a number of... read more